Work and Play Team at FIA Sport Regional Congress 2017

Work and Play Team at FIA Sport Regional Congress 2017


The Sport Regional Congress was opened by FIA President Jean Todt, and has gathered representatives from all over the African continent, focused on the further development and growth of motor sport at all levels.

Representatives from 19 African countries will be joined by delegates from the FIA, motor sport experts and stakeholders as they focus on how to take steps towards achieving best practice, and how to ensure the sport continues to grow in the region.

The 2017 Congress will be hosted by the Automobile and Touring Club of Nigeria, and follows on from editions staged in Uganda in 2015, and Ethiopia in 2016. A delegation from the Automobile Sports Club of Nigeria is also participating in the Congress.

African motor sport faces a number of shared challenges with the rest of the world, such as the ambition to improve training and safety measures at all levels of motor sport, however there are a number of unique concerns to this region.

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