Tiger Aviator

Tiger Aviator


 …a great fun car, with surprisingly sophisticated handling.

The Aviator™ is a highly advanced road or track car which is designed to further build on our already very impressive racing successes.

Although mechanically based on the track proven R6 and RS6, the Aviator has been more radically styled to give a number of benefits over its stable mate. With already proven handling, it was the aerodynamics that were given prime consideration to improve top end performance. The new wedge design still had to retain a modicum of family resemblance to the Tiger breed, but from then on, it was pure aerodynamic efficiency and handling dynamics that dictated the final shape.

Given its weight and power output it comes as no surprise that the Tiger Aviator can seriously shift; and of course it offers all the visceral, bottom-on-the-floor, insects in the teeth sort of entertainment that lightweight roadsters such as this specialise in.

What is more surprising given the car’s price and placement is just how well it handles. Turn-in and the front-end grips and keeps the car faithful to your inputs, whilst there’s enough feel through the steering and the seat to know what’s going on at all four corners.

Ride quality is particularly good; fairly soft but supple enough to aid grip and comfort without too much compromise in terms of body roll, and contributing to the impressive level of stability through fast corners.

Driver controls are also well judged, with pedals placed nicely for heeling and toeing and a heavy but pleasantly granular and responsive steering.

…with a TIGER you CAN…

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