Why you love cars.

Why you love cars.

The love for cars is a mutual feeling all over  the world, we have different reasons for loving them. To some people, their cars gives freedom, a reason for their personality, it is another form of sport, some African countries believe that having a car upgrades your status in the society of which I really don’t dig but then we can’t ignore that fact. To some people, their car is another form of security, personal space and some people treat these beautiful machines like it were human.

Whatever reason you love your car, you love it and it’s a car!

Personally, even as I write this article to you, I love cars and I believe they are the first born of machines if there is anything like that. I will personally give my car a name and give it all the care it needs. No sharp object can be brought into or close to my car, no spilling of drink allowed, no touching allowed, no admiring allowed! Okay, that’s way too much.

Another categories of car lovers are the “SPEEDSTERS” In the real sense of it, Speedsters are comic characters with superhuman ability to carry out their activity with super speed. But we also have speedsters behind the wheels and they are ready to spend a fortune to acquire these fast cars.

A whooping 300kmph is just a start.

All said and written, speed is thrilling, interesting and DANGEROUS!



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