Safety Guidance for Spectators

Safety Guidance for Spectators

We have tried to ensure that you will be able  to reach  your chosen spectator viewing area without walking on the special Route.  If you decide to leave the stage prior to the last competitor, PLEASE ensure that you walk behind the tree line (behind the TAPES)

All the competitors will be travelling at high speeds and spectators should NOT walk on the rally route. Respect the TAPES and SIGNS as we would like to come back for more

All spectators are reminded that motorsport can be dangerous and despite us taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen.  In respect of these, you are present at your own risk. Work N Play will not be liable for any injury or damage.

We ask that you obey all instructions of safety marshals, spectator marshals and safety car teams in relation to your safety and that of others.

Please do not bring your dogs if you have any.

Children and infants should ALWAYS be accompanied by an adequate amount of adults at all times who are responsible for their behaviour and safety.

  • Beware of flying stones during the rally.
  • Stay above the rally route and race track (never below).
  • Do not stand in the straight on position you will be removed.
  • Respect the signs and the tape; depending on what is used i.e., it is ok to stand behind this tape, YELLOW and BLUE = a NO GO area, prohibited area signs MEAN prohibited area, do NOT stand here.
  • The marshals are probably volunteers and will be trained. Please respect them and their requests in order to ensure that we all have a safe and enjoyable outing.


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