#runLagos-Here We Go Again!!!

#runLagos-Here We Go Again!!!

Here We Go Again!!!


“Run, Lagos, Run!”

It’s that time of the year again, where we all come out to showcase our speed, stamina and agility. If you missed out on last year’s Access Bank Lagos Marathon, here is a chance for you to make up for your loss. Not only do you get the opportunity to win millions of Naira in prize money (or even a car for one lucky winner), you enhance your life in other manners


For instance, you get to meet and socialize with a kindred spirit at this lucky event (who knows, maybe even a potential valentine!). Amongst the 70,000+ runners registered for the race, you get the chance to talk to so many others, during your personal breaks and water breaks. You could also possibly meet a possible business partner, employee or employer at the event.

Running/jogging is also really good for your health. It helps burn excess fat in the body, especially those that form slowly, over time around your chest. We spend five hectic days sitting in a chair at our offices with our biggest exercise for the day being the flight of stairs we climbed coming to that chair. Most of us have thought of working out at some point, but most days we wake up and have no motivation to exercise. Nothing motivates you more than seeing so many other people doing it. I usually think, “If they can do it, why can’t I?” It is an immediate trigger to keep you moving forward.

This is also a great activity outside the office for most of us. So often we want to go out, do something out of the ordinary but cannot find anything worth our while. The Access Bank Lagos City Marathon is a perfectly fun way to spend your Saturday morning. From rejoicing runners, to the snacks and drinks provided, to the artistes at the finish line, there is a limitless amount of fun to be had at the event.

Another reason to embark on this beautiful adventure is the bragging rights it comes with. How many of your coworkers can say they have finished or even attempted to run a marathon? Come back to the office on Monday with your tales of triumph

Should you choose to abstain from the marathon itself (42km), there is still the 10km race with prizes that are more than worth it. Ah, even if you do not run, come out to have fun, support friends and family, and lend morale support to all runners. While we all work so hard during the week, remember we have to play some times. 10th February, let’s all come out, eat, run, watch, listen and make merry.


Details of the race: the marathon starts at 7:30 leaving from the monumental national stadium, the 10km race starts at 9:30 leaving from the Lekki end of the Ikoyi-Lekki bridge. Both races end at Eko Atlantic.


The prizes available are:



1st Nigerian ₦ 3,000,000
2nd Nigerian ₦ 2, 000,000
3rd Nigerian ₦ 1, 000,000
4th Nigerian ₦ 500,000
5th Nigerian ₦ 200,000
6th Nigerian ₦ 100,000
7th Nigerian ₦ 50,000
8th Nigerian ₦ 30,000
9th Nigerian ₦ 20,000
10th Nigerian ₦ 10,000




1st GAC Salon Car
2nd Nigerian ₦ 1, 000,000
3rd Nigerian ₦ 750,000
4th Nigerian ₦ 500,000
5th Nigerian ₦ 250,000


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