Blazing Wheels

Blazing Wheels – The Official Work and Play Car Club is a friendly group of automotive enthusiasts with the main goal of building a motorsport culture in Nigeria. Our members come from all walks of life and drive all types of vehicles. The competitive events we intend to hold regularly are called Autocross. An Autocross is a one-car-at-a-time precision driving competition on a miniature road course marked by rubber cones in a large parking lot or other open paved area. The shortest time through the course wins. There are classes for cars, karts, and some trucks.

About Blazing Wheels Autocross Events
Blazing Wheels Car Club is a subsidiary of Work and Play Motorsport racing, but our events are very similar to what you would find at a Work and Play Motorsport event. We have our own set of Autocross Rules, but we follow Work and Play Motorsport rules with regard to safety standards and car classes.

In order to drive a car at our events, participants must possess a valid driver’s license that has no provisions limiting the hours of operation and no requirement for a “supervising driver”. Learner’s Permits and Provisional Licenses (Limited or Full) are not permitted. Basically, if you can legally drive by yourself at any hour of the day, then you are permitted to drive a car at Blazing Wheels autocrosses. Passengers are allowed in the front seat, but they must meet the same requirements as drivers. Unlicensed drivers 12 years and older may participate in karts. All participants under the age of 18, licensed or unlicensed, must have a minor waiver on file with Blazing Wheels management. This minor waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian in the presence of a Blazing Wheels officer.

The purposes of the Club are:

  1. The encouragement of safe and legal motorsport activities by the membership.
  2. Plan, promote, and conduct safe and legal motorsport events for participation in, and enjoyment by the membership.
  3. Build and maintain a Club that has an outstanding reputation in all endeavors.

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